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Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning 2023 Global Cohort

Join a growing community of leaders dedicated to collaborative global change efforts.


OLC will not be offering the full IELOL Global program in 2023. However, IELOL Global will be available to our community next year in 2024. OLC will instead be organizing the Global Leadership Impact Summit, which will take place in late 2023. Please stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!


The Institute for Emerging Leadership in Online Learning (IELOL) is a unique online-learning leadership development program sponsored by the Online Learning Consortium.

The global cohort will work with colleagues from around the world to explore and understand both the opportunities and barriers to advancing global online learning.


Build a Framework

Learn the fundamental concepts, theories, and practices critical to leadership within the field of digital, online, and blended learning with a particular focus on global change efforts.

Join a Community

Forge meaningful connections within a community of global changemakers as you work collectively to identify challenges and opportunities in online, digital, and blended learning.

Lead the Way

In this program, you’ll produce artifacts that contribute to global change efforts, providing a foundation to contextualize your work beyond the program.

Lessons And Takeaways from the Inaugural 2020 IELOL Global Cohort



This session was recorded as part of OLC Innovate 2021 conferece. OLC’s Madeline Shellgren and SARUA’s Rassie Louw share learnings from the first IELOL Global community, a group of educators from around the world who gathered over a four month period in 2020 to help answer challenges around digital learning leadership in international contexts, particularly strategy and operations for ensuring equitable and inclusive access to education.


“The experience I had, especially working with a small team, we built a great friendship but also were able to create a great asset. So real, tangible value. We use the information and experience that we saw every day here as we work to support students across our state and our region.”
TJ Bliss, Idaho State Board of Education, 2020 IELOL Global Cohort

“During the time that we spent together, working across these borders…the research that we did had a huge impact on my ability to be able to teach inclusive excellence…to fellow faculty, to leadership in my university, and across the board. Doing this together enabled me to be able to take the research we did a step further and teach others and change mindsets.”
Dr. Marie Bakari, Associate Director of Faculty Development & Support in School of Business & Lead – Accounting | Co-chair UDC | Faculty Laureate, 2020 IELOL Global Cohort

“The program triggered me to leave a debilitating academic team and move to a new institution. And already I have created an inclusive policy and as a result, it helped admit 12 differently-abled students (which is unheard of in India) and has led to new funding dedicated to assistive technologies. I don’t know everything, but I have a community. That’s the impact of IELOL Global 2020. It’s changed me, it’s changed my institution, and it connected me with other colleagues who can support my work and development.”
Priya Mary Mathew, Director Academics, UNIVO (Amity University Online), 2020 IELOL Global Cohort