Created By: Every Learner Everywhere in partnership with Online Learning Consortium (OLC) & Achieving the Dream

The Caring for Students Playbook is created in partnership with the Every Learner Everywhere Network and Achieving the Dream. It has been designed to provide instructors with examples to support putting student care into action. “We are incredibly grateful to continue working with Every Learner Everywhere (ELE) and our network partners to bring resources such as the Caring for Students playbook to the field,” said Alexander Case, AVP of Strategic Grants and Partnerships for OLC. “As one of 12 named network partners in the ELE network, OLC is particularly proud to work on just-in-time resources grounded in both quality best practice research and those which feature meaningful action steps for practitioners, which this playbook certainly does. This topic could not be more timely as we transition out of a global pandemic and define a new sense of normal for institutions. We are eager to continue leveraging these generous grant resources to name actions which directly support faculty and students.”