Essential Features of cPanel Web Hosting

CPanel web hosting is one of the best ways to manage a website. It offers a graphical interface, making it easier for users to navigate through the account. It also provides many essential tools to help users manage their websites.

Why do I need cPanel hosting?

A good cloud cpanel hosting plan should offer all the necessary features that you will need to host your website. For instance, a hosting plan should include enough disk space to store your website files. It should also allow you to scale up as your website grows. It is important that your hosting plan includes enough CPU and bandwidth to accommodate your needs. You should also consider a web hosting provider that is located close to your visitors. A distant data center can slow down your website’s loading time.

A cPanel account also lets you view and manage email accounts. You can create, delete, and change email settings. You can also check your disk space and bandwidth usage. You can also manage your FTP accounts, which are used to download and manage your website’s files. You can also create directories and control file permissions.

You can install a wide range of applications through cPanel’s Softaculous tool. This tool provides a simple one-click install for hundreds of applications. It also provides auto-updates. This tool is very popular with web professionals.

You can also check the performance of your website with AWStats. This tool provides a comprehensive view of your website’s performance and allows you to identify any issues that may be affecting your site’s performance.

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