4 Heavy Duty Caster Wheels

4 heavy duty caster

Designed to support the weight of heavy equipment, 4 heavy duty casters are tough and sturdy. They can be used to mount a wide variety of equipment including tool stands, work benches, chairs, instrument cases and art tables to name a few!

These 4 heavy duty caster are made from steel and screw into place to securely attach your equipment. They can hold up to 400 pounds of load and are easy to use with a foot pedal braking mechanism to stop the wheel from moving.

A good caster is essential to the safety and durability of any cart or workbench. They are an invaluable asset in many applications such as hospitals, restaurants, shops and warehouses.

The material of the wheel is another important factor when choosing a caster. Rubber is a great option for furniture and heavy equipment as it will roll easily on soft surfaces, but you can also opt for polyurethane, iron core, molded nylon or cast iron.

Rolling with Power: The Advantages of 4 Heavy Duty Casters for Industrial Use

Larger diameter wheels are easier to roll than smaller ones and will help distribute the load better so your object won’t be pushed too far in one direction or too far back. This will prevent tripping and damage to the floor.

When deciding what type of caster to buy for your cart, there are many factors to consider such as the size of the wheels and the weight capacity. You can find casters in swivel, rigid and brake styles to suit the exact needs of your cart.

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